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Work Zone Awareness: 5 Tips to Stay Safe in Work Zones

Robin Ingram
2 minutes

Road construction is everywhere this time of year. The Virginia Department of Transportation came up with a great saying, “Work Zones Are a Sign to Slow Down.” All drivers are urged to ease off the gas and keep alert as you approach construction and maintenance sites. We want to remind everyone to allow extra time in your travels to slow down and be safe with crews working on the road and offer 5 great tips to stay safe in work zones.

5 Tips to Stay Safe in and Around Work Zones
  • Familiarize yourself with road work before beginning a trip, and use detours to avoid these areas when possible.
  • Reduce speeds when traveling through work zones, paying close attention to signs and signals.
  • Be aware of passenger vehicle drivers who may not be aware of a truck’s blind spots and longer required stopping distances.
  • When approaching lane closures, move into the open lane as soon as possible.
  • Obey posted speeds, avoid distractions, and maintain following distances in work zones, to prevent rear-end crashes.

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