AdvanCed Technology


Our equipment is infused with the latest technology on the market.

Greater Vsibility

Technology Leads the Way

As technology grows, LGT is always one step ahead. Our internal Transportation Management System connects easily with the best software in the trucking industry. With our high performing tractor telematics and detailed trailer tracking you’ll have visibility you never even knew you could have.

detailed tractor telematics
Detailed Tractor Telematics

Driver safety and fleet efficiency is vital to our business and yours. With PeopleNet Telematics we can maximize operations on all fronts.

accurate trailer tracking
Accurate Trailer Tracking

Our entire fleet of trailers have tracking units. This allows us to keep them in tip-top shape and give our customers clear visibility.

integrated transportation technology
Integrated Internal Systems

LGT uses tried and true and tech focused software to manage our operations. From Trimble to Fleetilla to Prophesy, we only use the industry's best.

safe, secure, and reliable tractor and trailer equipment

Safe, Secure, and Reliable

Top of the Line Equipment

LGT Transport’s elite fleet of tractors and trailers are built on a foundation of safety and reliability. Our team trucks trade every two years and our singles trade every three, allowing us to minimize breakdowns for our customers and drivers and keep up with LGT's environmental duty.

  • Trust your carrier with equipment that never fails
  • A business designed to satisfy both customers and drivers
  • A complex system turned into a consolidated process

Tractors & Trailers

What We Have

LGT Transport’s fleet is made up of 200 trucks and over 120 trailers. Here's the breakdown:

  • 200 Trucks: A majority are Peterbilt 579s with an X15 Cummins engine inside
  • 123 Trailers: 22 steel vessel LOX/LIN swing trailers, 9 aluminum vessel LAR trailers, 50 aluminum vessel LIN/LAR swing trailers, 33 CO2 Trailers (MC331), 5 Anhydrous Ammonia/Liquid Propane switch bottle trailers (MC331), and 1 aluminum vessel Ethylene trailer.
200 trucks and 123 trailers hauling products like Nitrogen, CO2, and Argon


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