Where to Find a Thanksgiving Meal on the Road

Lindsey Woods
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Thanksgiving on the Road

Each Thanksgiving, "it's estimated that truck drivers will deliver 16,600 truckloads of turkeys for Thanksgiving alone". With the high demand for both food and holiday shopping, by the time Thanksgiving rolls around it's likely that truck drivers have had a hectic month. Almost $60 billion worth of products are purchased between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with the supply chain issues that will arise means truckers will be delivering holiday gifts and orders well into the new year. So it's only right that they deserve some well deserved rest and food. For those who are working through Thanksgiving, here's some places to get your holiday meal while on the road.

1. Applebee's

Applebee's is a national franchise for a family-friendly and welcoming restaurant experience. This coming Thursday, only select locations will be open and serving a Thanksgiving style meal. Check local hours and locations to get your spot and get your fix of turkey and sides.

Bahama Breeze

2. Bahama Breeze

Known for it's Caribbean-inspired food, this restaurant chain will be open from noon to 8pm on Thanksgiving. They will be straying away from their regular food fare with turkey and all the fixin's in place. See here for all Bahama Breeze locations.

Cracker Barrel

3. Cracker Barrel

This long-time franchise is offering Thanksgiving meals for delivery, curbside pickup or dine-in. They offer select packages for Thanksgiving meals depending on the size of your party, but if you're looking for good traditional Thanksgiving food, this is a good option. See here for all locations.

Bob Evans Family Feast

4. Bob Evans

Looking for a home-style Thanksgiving meals? No worries, Bob Evans will be serving special meals all day long, available for dine-in, delivery or curbside pickup. Bob Evans is nationwide, so stop by and grab a bite.

Iowa 80 Kitchen

5. Iowa 80 Kitchen

Located off of I-80 in Walcott, IA is the world's largest truck stop and they're serving home-cooked meals year round. This Thursday, they'll be offering turkey and thanksgiving-themed sides for all to enjoy. If your load takes you through Iowa, this place is a must-visit.

6. The Greater Chicago I-55 Truck Plaza

This truck stop has been dedicated to providing for truck drivers for over 50 years. Inside of Chicago, the Greater Chicago I-55 Truck Plaza is offering a FREE Thanksgiving meal to all CDL holders, and a discounted price to any non-CDL holding guests.

Remember to give thanks and recognize the 3 million truck drivers that make the holiday season possible. Happy Thanksgiving!

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