Truck Driver Movies Perfect for Halloween

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Truck and Car Movies Perfect for Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching, and horror and thriller movies are in endless supply. Ghoulish monsters and creepy critters are the main villains of many scary movies, but we wanted to share some movies that are more unconventional in their scares. Here's our list of the Top Truck and Car Movies that are sure to leave you watching your back.

10. Death Proof (2007)

To start off this list we have a newer movie. Released in 2007, this movie portrays Kurt Russell (Stuntman Mike) in a different light. Stuntman Mike is a professional body double who picks up women and takes them on the car ride of their life. Stuntman Mike's 1969 Dodge Charger acts as his weapon, being built as the perfect death machine to help kill his unsuspecting passengers. He soon learns he might be over his head when he tries to pick up a group of girls who give him a run for his money. This movie includes epic car chases down deserted roads, but be careful: this movie isn't for the faint of heart.

9. White Line Fever (1975)

This one isn't so much a Halloween movie, but it is a great thriller. White Line Fever tells the story of Carrol Jo (Jan-Michael Vincent) who returns from war to marry his girlfriend and start a life together. Feeling the financial pressures of returning home, he becomes a long-haul trucker who soon finds himself in the midst of a corrupt trucking corporation. Carrol Jo takes a stand resulting in high-speed car chases, strong security guards, and his 1974 Ford rig, Blue Mule. This movie will have you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

8. The Hitcher (1986)

The Hitcher might be the scariest movie on this list. A young man, Jim Halsey (C. Thomas Howell) is delivering a truck from Chicago to San Diego when he encounters a hitchhiker on the road. Halsey stops to pick him up and instantly regrets it when the man claims to be a serial killer. After some tense and dangerous moments together, Halsey escapes. But that's not the end of the story. His luck turns when he runs into the hitchhiker again, but this time he has to take action. With the help of a truck-stop waitress (Jennifer Jason Leigh), they chase down the serial killer up until the climactic ending. This movie is full of suspense,, twists and murder and will make you happy when it's over.

7. Maximum Overdrive (1986)

Another movie released the same year as the Hitcher, Maximum Overdrive was Stephen King's first debut as a director, bringing his book to the screens. A comet hits Earth and starts the spread of a worldwide takeover, but not of aliens. The mysterious radiation creates homicidal machines that turn on their creators and owners. A group of survivors are held up inside a truck stop in North Carolina with trucks and cars surrounding their exits. Maximum Overdrive is the perfect blend of horror and comedy in this kitsch Stephen King adaptation.

6. Roadgames (1981)

An American truck driver, Pat Quid (Stacey Keach) becomes aware of a serial killer that attacks and butchers women. He soon suspects the driver of a green van to be the killer. Along his route, he picks up a hitchhiker named Pamela, (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Pat explains his suspicions. On the run and looking for excitement, Pamela and Pat go on the search, but when Pamela goes missing, it's now Pat's time to unearth the mystery. This movie is a good slow burn, and has some truly horrific moments, so be warned.

5. Black Dog (1998)

The late Patrick Swayze plays Jack Crews, an ex-truck driver who has just been released from prison. Dealing with financial issues, he takes up one last job driving a truck from Atlanta, but little does he know that the trailer is loaded with illegal artillery. With rivals and the feds on his tail, he has to come up with a plan quickly to save him and his family. If Patrick Swayze isn't enough reason to watch this movie, the trucks and action scenes in this movie are enticing enough.

4. Breakdown (1997)

Another Kurt Russell movie on this list, he and his wife (Kathleen Quinlan) are packing up and moving to California. They are driving down a deserted highway when their trip takes a sudden halt. Stuck in the middle of the desert, they flag down a friendly trucker who offers to help and takes his wife to a local diner down the road to call for help. When no help comes to the rescue, Jeff (Kurt Russell) makes his way to the diner, but no one has seen or heard from his wife. Now he's on a mission to find his wife, but who can he trust?

3. Duel (1971)

Average Joe, David Mann (Dennis Weaver) is traveling through the California desert highways on his way to a business appointment when he comes across a slow tanker truck. Mann passes the driver, but the driver has a severe case of road rage and attempts to kill Mann and his car. After numerous close calls, Mann realizes that running won't save him and he must take a stand against the crazy trucker. The driver is never seen, so it seems like the truck itself is the aggressor. The thought of a driverless truck is part of the eerie and unexpected feeling this movie gives its viewers.

2. The Car (1977)

This one is a classic. Much like the Blob (1958), the black sedan is an unstoppable and possessed force that torments a small desert town. A driverless car goes on a murderous rampage, killing locals and hitchhikers that are unlucky enough to come across it. The small town Sheriff (James Brolin) and the help of other residents may be the only ones who can stop it. It may sound cheesy, but the execution of this movie will leave you wondering what'll happen next.

1. Christine (1983)

What may be one of the only good Stephen King adaptations to come out of this time, Christine is based off a short novel which centers around a 1958 Plymouth Fury. A lonesome and teased kid (Keith Gordon) finds a beat up red car in a lot for sale. He buys and repairs the car, leading to a very strong connection between the two. Arnie undergoes a slow but drastic transformation but could the car be behind it? This is the original 'killer car' movie and we can all understand why, 40 years later.

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