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Top Safety Tips for Commercial Drivers During Fourth of July Travel

Scot Barney
6 minutes

Top Safety Tips for Commercial Drivers During Fourth of July Travel

With Independence Day just around the corner, it's time to prepare for one of the busiest travel holidays of the year.

Plan Your Route Like a Pro

First things first, plan ahead. Consider your route before you roll out. From personal experience, I know the outbound traffic from the Twin Cities will probably be a mess on the 3rd, and it’s a safe bet that every major metro around the country will be much the same.

Keep Your Head on a Swivel

The roads will be packed, and not everyone will be driving with your level of expertise. Be extra cautious, and keep an eye out for distracted drivers. Many will be headed to their favorite spot at the lake or the beach. They will likely be transporting items they don't usually carry, so be prepared for potential hazards in the breakdown lane, such as lawn chairs, BBQ pits, and other items that might fall onto the road.

Check Your Rig

Give your truck a good once-over before you hit the highway. Make sure your lights, brakes, and tires are all in good shape. The last thing you need is a breakdown in the middle of a traffic jam. There will likely be an increased law enforcement presence out there. It could be an expensive weekend. Better safe than sorry!

Drive Smart

Keep your speed in check and maintain a safe following distance; summer traffic can turn on you in the blink of an eye. Avoid distractions and stay aware of your surroundings. Use your turn signals early and often to let other drivers know what you’re up to.

Fireworks Safety

Fireworks are a big part of the fun, but they can also be a hazard on the road. If you’re driving at night, be mindful of fireworks displays and the potential for impeding visibility and concentration.

Traveler Information

Holiday traffic could become even more unpredictable due to construction and weather conditions. Keep an eye on the forecast and be ready for sudden changes. A CB radio can help you stay informed about road conditions and unexpected detours. Although 511 is the designated code for traffic conditions and traveler information across most of the U.S., the availability, information provided, and technology utilized can differ. Here are the state-by-state road conditions according to the DOT and NWS:

Stay Connected

Lastly, keep in touch with your dispatcher or employer. Let them know if you run into any delays or issues. Good communication can ensure that everyone stays safe and on schedule.

So, there you have it – some quick and easy tips to help you stay safe on the road this Fourth of July. Enjoy the journey, keep it safe, and happy Independence Day!

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