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Split Seconds

Scot Barney
5 minutes

Split Seconds

For many years, I believed that the sum of a professional driver was their expertise in driving, navigation, safety, time management, and other related skills. However, I have recently come to realize that it is not any one of these things, but rather it is essential to have expertise in each of them, as well as in all the other duties we perform. In my opinion, the essential nature of a professional driver is to act as a decision engine, mitigating an endless flood of constantly changing circumstances.

If you're not familiar with Planck time, it's the smallest unit of time in physics, so tiny it's almost unimaginable. Think about it like the 'bullet time' scenes in The Matrix, where Neo seems to move impossibly slow - except in this case, he'd be taking 14 billion years just to deal with one agent. That's how infinitely small Planck time is. Why do I mention this? To highlight just how much can unfold during an 11-hour driving shift.

During a day behind the wheel, a driver makes countless decisions. Whether we're fully aware of them or not, they're happening. Keeping an eye on the road, assessing traffic, adjusting speed and steering - it's a constant juggling act requiring skill and attention. There's a whole neural storm happening in a driver's brain, whether we realize it or not.

The main point is that there are numerous split-second decisions that a driver makes during their day. Any of those choices could be routine and uneventful or lead to life-changing consequences. I'm not trying to induce anxiety here, just raising awareness. It underscores the importance of staying healthy, rested, and alert on the road, especially when feeling less than 100%.

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