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Safety Tip Sunday | 360 Degree Walk Around Inspections

Brian Pickett
2 Minutes

This week’s Safety Tip Sunday talks about 360 Vehicle Walk Around Inspections. Taking an extra moment to do a 360 degree Vehicle Walk Around Inspection can help you identify potential obstacles that could cause accidents. Things like poles, pedestrians, piping and other vehicles are common obstacles that an arriving or departing truck may encounter. When arriving or departing your delivery point or fill zone, surveying the area outside of the vehicle can make all the difference in avoiding accidents.

A 360 degree Walk Around inspection involves the driver checking the top and bottom of the vehicle to assure there is enough height clearance, the sides of the vehicle, and the front and back before departing or backing in the vehicle. Another thing to remember is to always use your wheel chocks and cones when parked. All of these steps are essential in avoiding potential hazards and accidents.

There is always time to do the job safely and take an extra moment to get out and walk around your vehicle and the surrounding area.

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