Top 10 New Years Resolutions for Truckers

Lindsey Woods
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2022 is just around the corner, and now's the time for everyone to start making their resolutions. While most people will be hitting the gym a few more times or cutting out some unhealthy habits, for truck drivers that can be a bit challenging. For the coming year, here are the top 10 New Years resolutions for Truck Drivers.

1. Be more active

Being on the road can make it difficult to get a good workout in. Advanced Career Institute recommends to avoid potential health risks, truckers should "exercise at least 15 minutes a day". Some ways to take initiative are to bring some light weights and other workout equipment with you. Things like dumbbells, exercise bands, or even bringing a bike are great ways to get a quick workout in while waiting for a load or taking a break. Here are a few exercises that are recommended for truck drivers.

2. Make smarter food decisions

Just like exercising, having access to healthy foods is more difficult for truckers than others. Although fast food and restaurants are convenient, they are not the only choices. Pack healthy snacks to take with you on the road and plan out some meals that you can easily heat up or make in your truck. Travelling for hundreds of miles every day makes grocery shopping difficult, but more and more truck stops are adding healthier options for those passing through.

3. Prioritize your mental health

Spending days on end on the road can be lonely. The National Library of Medicine states that 27.9% of truckers are affected by feelings of loneliness, 26.9% are affected by depression, 20.6% experiences constant sleep disturbances, and 14.5% experience anxiety. High stress jobs and isolation can contribute to declining psychiatric health, so going into the New Year remember to help yourself and seek help when needed.

4. Learn a new hobby

Along with loneliness, boredom is also something that drivers can experience. Finding things to listen to can be enough for some, but many are looking for new things to dedicate their time to. Try finding something to fill your downtime that isn't something you typically do. Take up photography, learn to knit, or find new recipes to try out are just some options for venturing into new territories.

5. Prioritize safety

Be proactive with your truck's maintenance. It never hurts to get everything looked over, and get into the habit of doing it yourself more often. While you're at it, quiz yourself on the safety procedures for pre and post inspections.

6. Read more

So much of people's lives are spent in front of a screen, or for a driver on the road. While podcasts and radio stations are good time-passers, sometimes drivers need more mental stimulation. Bring a book or two with you and try to read it in your downtime. Here is Bigger Investing's 19 best books on the Transportation business.

7. Stay connected with family

Many drivers are leaving their family's when they go deliver a load; long-haul drivers can be out for weeks at a time. Here's a reminder to reach out to family and maybe a long-lost friend.

8. Get better sleep

Like mentioned previously, sleep can be a real challenge for truck drivers. Finding somewhere to rest for the night, or even a place to pull off when feeling tired can be stressful and near impossible. Being away from home and unfamiliar locations can contribute to a lack of sleep, as well as stress and fatigue. When thinking about mental and physical health, sleep should not be overlooked.

9. Keep things clean and organized

Your truck is your home-away-from-home. Keep it clean, and other problems might disappear. Get a truck organizer or a paperwork binder for all those important documents. Decluttering and clearing space can drastically improve sleep patterns, reduce stress, improve mental health, and make you more productive.

10. Take care of yourself

Truck drivers are at a higher risk to health problems with the main risk being heart disease. Lack of exercise and unhealthy meals can lead to obesity, increased blood pressure, and lower energy levels.

While New Years Resolutions can be intimidating or even stressful for some, making small changes can improve your overall health and happiness. Going into January, let 2022 be the best year yet for you.

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