Most Dangerous Highways in America for Truck Drivers

Lindsey Woods
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The United States contains some of the longest highway systems in the world, each one unique from the others. Just like the roads are unique, so are the people that cross them. Truck drivers and civilians use these long and often times dangerous roads, and many times accidents do happen. It's a truck drivers' job to travel these interconnected highway systems with their loads taking them all across the country. It's from their experiences that we put together this list of the Most Dangerous Highways in America for Truck Drivers.

1. Highway 550 in Colorado (Million Dollar Highway)

Nicknamed the Million Dollar Highway, Colorado 550 is considered by many truck drivers the most dangerous road to travel in winter.  Route 550 splits into a two-lane road and spans 305 miles from New Mexico to Colorado, and at its highest point reaching 11000 feet in elevation. With no guard rails or shoulders, drivers need to be extra vigilant when passing through the dangerous 25 mile stretch.

2. California and Arizona's I-15

Highway I-15 runs in the southern part of California clear across to Jacksonville, Florida, but there is a 150 mile stretch that is considered the most dangerous part of the road. From Southern California through Arizona, the road goes through a vast desert where many drivers become distracted and overspeed, claiming 85 deaths annually.

3. Dalton Highway in Alaska

Even though not many drivers running in the United States drive this road, those that do can attest to just how dangerous the Dalton Highway is. When passing on this road, drivers have no cell phone service, no restaurants, and only 3 gas stations across the entire 414 mile distance. The Dalton Highway is also considered one of the loneliest roads in the world due to the lack of any nearby populations.

4. Georgia's I-285

This road splits into 18 lanes when it combines with I-85, and is one of the most popular roads in America. It's not the road itself that makes it dangerous, but the drivers. Nearly 2 million drivers use this road daily, increasing the chances of accidents to occur on this stretch. High traffic during rush hour leads to drowsy and frustrated drivers who weave through truck drivers and other heavy duty vehicles. That combined with the many on-ramps cause drivers to become confused.

5. Montana's Highway 2

Montana's Highway 2 is a large, open road where many drivers are encouraged to overspeed. The road's openness also contributes to its dangerous reputation. Drivers on this road are exposed to treacherous weather conditions, and long distances without any stops for emergency services due to its rural location. On average, it takes 80 minutes for an ambulance to arrive, and according to the University of Minnesota, it has the highest fatality than in any other region.

6. California Route 138

Route 138 is an east-west state highway in California, reaching 105 miles in length. This highway is a two-lane winding highway that lacks shoulders and medians to block the oncoming traffic. Nicknamed Blood Alley when it averaged 10 fatalities a year, it's no wonder its considered one of America's most dangerous roads.

7. Interstate 95 in Connecticut

Interstate 95 is a 112 mile road travelling from New York to the Rhode Island state border, crossing through Connecticut. This road is one of America's busiest highways, and is ranked 19th in fatal crashes and total number of accidents with an average of 15 fatal crashes a year.

8. 1-26 in South Carolina

Many accidents that happen on this road are due to the lack of guardrails and very steep ditches. It isn't only civilians that experience these accidents, but many drivers have reported accidents involving trees, overturned trucks, and collisions with moving traffic. South Carolina's I-26 isn't America's most dangerous road, but it is the state's, having 286 accidents taking 325 lives between 2000 and 2010.

Truck drivers are the ones who help keep this country moving by making their deliveries across the country. Often it is forgotten just how dangerous this profession can be, and that many drivers will experience accidents while on the job. These roads are considered the most dangerous in the United States, but accidents can happen on any road at any time. Remember to be safe while driving and always be vigilant.

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