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It's hard for many to overcome stereotypes. When people think of truck drivers, kind may not be the first thing to come to mind for everyone. February 17 every year is recognized as Random Act of Kindness Day, and to show just how generous and friendly truckers can be, we put together a few stories highlighting the good deeds of truck drivers around the country.

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1. Trucking-family Kindness isn’t reserved for just truckers in this story

OTR truck driver James T. showed just how generous most truck drivers in the industry are. James was filling up at a Love's gas station when he noticed a lady who seemed to be living out of her hatchback car. She had a flat tire, and ice and snow were built up all on her car, so James stepped into action. He told the lady to wait for him to return after getting loaded nearby, and when James returned, he filled up her tire, bought her some gas, coolant, and oil and got her something to eat. Why did he do this you may ask? Simply put, James said "at one point in my life I was in her exact place". Read the full story in the article linked above.

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2. Trucker's Act of Kindness Goes Viral

In Ontario, Canada back in 2019, truck driver Harvey Palmer wasn't expecting to go viral for what he did one afternoon in July. Another motorist driving the same route as Palmer wanted to recognize the anonymous driver for how he made the day of a small boy. Traffic was holding steady during high traffic hours when the truck driver saw the young boy riding beside him and decided to honk his horn. When they came to a stop, Palmer handed the boy his hat, an act that "topped our day with Toronto Zoo and Chuckie Cheese". The son's father reached out to social media to find out this mystery truck driver and thank him for making just an average day amazing for his family. Once news of the truck driver's good deed reached the internet, Harvey Palmer was named Goodyear Professional Truck Driver of the Month.

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3. Truck Driver Helps Homeless in Local Community

Tow Truck Driver, Daniel Sadler from North Carolina has spent the last few years putting himself in others' shoes and doing what he can to help others in need. In Kernersville, North Carolina, Sadler while watching TV one day saw a forecast for the weather to drop to 10 degrees at night, and that's when he decided to take matters into own hands. Sadler made $40 in tips that day and decided to spend it on gloves, clothes, and other essentials and handed them out to people living on the streets. In the article with the Huffington Post, Sadler says "you don't need to be wealthy to help people", and that's something he hopes everyone can realize. Read more about Daniel in the article above.

Truckers to the Rescue, Transportation Nation

4. Truckers Stuck on I-95 Show Remarkable Kindness to Motorists Stuck in Fredericksburg

During the first mid-Atlantic storm of 2022, a 6 tractor-trailer accident left closures of all north and southbound lanes on I-95 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Over-the-road driver Jean-Carlo Gachet was driving early in the morning along the route when he got caught up in the mess. Drivers stuck in the mess were stranded on the road for over 24 hours, with many getting out to stretch their legs or even walk their dogs. Gachet used his 10 hour reset, and thought about being stranded in a small car. Truckers make a living on the road, so he decided to cook up some breakfast and delivered it to the neighbor sitting next to him in the other lane. Other truckers stuck in the closure set off to check on other motorists and handing out necessary food and water. Read what happened next in the blog linked above.

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