Truck Driver Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road

Lindsey Woods
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Truck Driver Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road

Whether you're a long-haul trucker or just travelling a long distance, staying healthy while on the road can be a challenge. Try some of these helpful tips for staying healthy on the Road.

Pack for Success

Rather than grabbing a candy bar or a bag of chips, consider getting fruit or vegetables. Eating more leafy greens and salads and reducing your caffeine intake actually improves your energy and alertness. Although grabbing a quick bite at a fast food place is convenient, it can lead to decreased mood, lethargy, and weight gain. Plan ahead and take the time to pack snacks and meals that will provide fuel and benefit your health in the long run.

Wear Sunscreen

This one might be overlooked by many, but it couldn't be more important. Like your mom always said, remember to wear your sunscreen when going out in the sun. Spending years behind the wheel exposed to the sun increases a drivers' chances of "Truck Driver Face" and skin cancer. Wearing a sunscreen with at least 15 SPF everyday can lower the risk of developing skin cancer by 40%. If you tend to be more forgetful, leave a bottle in your truck or set a reminder to apply before you head out.

Avoid Driver Burnout

Long hours behind the wheel definitely take a toll on truck drivers and everyone needs time to recharge. Getting enough sleep is essential in preventing driver fatigue; aim to get at least 6-9 hours of sleep a night. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 1 in 5 deaths on the roadway are caused by drivers who fell asleep while driving". Another tip that health experts recommend is to try to get some rest in every 2 hours, whether to stretch your legs or grab a bite.

Exercise when you can

It is recommended that drivers exercise at least 3 times a week to maintain their health and avoid potential health issues. Some might think that getting enough exercise on the road is nearly impossible, but there are plenty options for drivers to choose from. When stopping for a break, take a quick walk or take advantage of what's around you, such as walking trails, parks, etc. Do some research and find workouts that don't require gym equipment. Check out EZ Freight Factoring's suggestions for a workout that doesn't require equipment.

Don't try to change everything at once

Change doesn't happen all at once, so be realistic and set expectations and goals for yourself. Start off slow and make 1 or 2 changes and build off of that. Swap out a candy bar for healthier option, try packing some meals rather than relying on fast food to fuel you.

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