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Conflict Management

Scot Barney
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Conflict Management

I’m sure that all of you have crossed paths with a dispatcher, a security guard, or the person behind the fuel desk who just seems to have set out to ruin someone’s day, and you’re the lucky winner.

As far as dispatchers go, you have to remember that you are on a recorded line. If you are wound up enough to cuss, yell, and vent your spleen, it will probably make it back to your company and not make your day any better. Emails will likely fly. If you can develop a good rapport with dispatch, life can be a lot easier.

All of this applies in traffic as well. When you are alone in your truck screaming and driving in an antagonistic fashion, there will probably be a phone call and possibly dashcam footage. As always, be cool, and maintain your Zen.

How Do We Get There?

  • Effective Communication: It's not just about what you say but how you say it. Keep your tone respectful, your words clear, and your intent focused on finding solutions. 
  • Understanding the Other Side: Imagine stepping into the shoes of that dispatcher, security guard, or fuel desk attendant. What pressures are they under? Understanding their challenges can foster empathy, smoothing over potential conflicts before they escalate.
  • The Benefits Unfold: Good vibes lead to good rides. When we get along, the road feels less bumpy. Higher efficiency and lower stress make our job much better. Plus, a happy driver is a safe driver.
  • Facing the Music: We've all been there – frustrated, frazzled, and fed up. Recognizing these emotions as part of the job allows us to address them constructively. Take a moment, take a breath, and remember: this too shall pass. Finding healthy outlets for stress ensures that when you do communicate, it's with clarity and calm.

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