Best Gifts for Truck Drivers

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Today marks the start of the holiday season, and that means the time for holiday shopping is just around the corner. Whether you celebrate a certain holiday, or are just looking to get something nice for a loved one, here are some of our recommendations for Best Gifts for Truck Drivers.

For the Techy Driver

1. A GPS System

The whole job of a truck driver is to deliver goods from one destination to another, and doing so smoothly. A new GPS for your truck driver would be an ideal purchase. Rather than built-in phone apps that aren't trucker-friendly, GPSs such as Garmin or Rand McNally offer the best routes and information for all truckers.

(Garmin OTR Series $299 GPS Truck Navigator or Rand McNally GPS Systems)

2. Hands-free Wireless Headset

Drivers are in constant contact with dispatchers, clients, or other truckers and being able to do so hands-free is the safest way. Answering calls with just a touch of a button and not needing to hold a phone keeps your trucker safe and on the road. Typically we recommend the one ear headsets, not the noise-cancelling so they can be aware of their surroundings while out on the road.

(7 Best Wireless Headsets for Truckers)

3. Tactical Flashlights

There are many instances that will require a driver to use their flashlights. Having one that has the most features and provides the highest visibility is what we recommend.

(Tactical Flashlights for Truckers)

4. Portable Food Warmer

Now this one is usually for the drivers that travel over the road. Finding food as a truck driver isn't always the easiest task, nor is it the healthiest option. A lot of drivers bring their own food, but sometimes that can be difficult itself. Having a portable food warmer will help alleviate the struggle of finding healthy food, and also give your driver a hot meal.

(Portable Food Warmer, Amazon $29.99)

5. Electric Coffee Mug Warmer

Here's another neat gadget to help your trucker have a simple luxury. These electric coffee mug warmers keep coffee and other warm drinks at just the right temperature so they can enjoy a nice warm drink whenever they want.

(10 Best Electric Mug Warmers)

For the Mechanically Inclined

1. Standard Tool Set

Drivers come across issues all the time while out on a delivery. Having some spare tools at the ready can drastically help and get them back on the road. A standard set of wrenches and screw drivers are always nice to have on hand.

(41 Tools all Truck Drivers Need)

2. Pocket/Utility Knife

Just like a standard tool set, having a spare pocket knife or other little tool can be a savior in a pinch.

(Best Selling Pocket Knives)

3. Brass Hammers

This is mainly for truckers in the cryogenic industry. Brass hammers are the preferred tool as they are non-sparking and are less damaging to the brass fittings on cryogenic tankers.

(Brass Hammers)

4. Tire Pressure Gauge

This is another little handy tool that many drivers always need. Checking tire pressure is essential during inspections and travelling through colder climates.

(Semi Truck Tire Pressure Gauges)

5. Portable Clipboard Case

A little less glamorous or exciting compared to the others, but it will definitely help. Paperwork is always a hassle, but one of these will help to keep even the most messy driver a little more organized.

(Portable Clipboard Storage Case, Amazon $16)

For the Long-Haulers

1. Seat Cushion

Spending 11 hours sitting everyday can be a bit taxing on a drivers body. Making them as comfortable as possible and keeping their bodies in shape is always a priority and many drivers use a specialized seat cushion. A little extra comfort is always welcome.

(5 Best Seat Cushions for Truck Drivers)

2. A Good Pillow

Long-haul truckers spend many nights in their trucks, so much that it becomes their second home. After a long day's work, having a comfortable place to rest and sleep is all they can hope for.

(Purple Harmony Pillow, $98)

3. Overnight Bag

Living on the road means you have everything you need in your truck. Clothes, toiletries, paperwork and everything else is a must-have, and when making frequent stops, it can be annoying to have everything all spread out. Give a trucker a nice overnight bag to keep their belongings nice and organized for those stops at gas stations or truck stops.

(The Best 8 Duffle Bags and Backpacks for Truckers)

4. Front Seat Organizer

Having everything at just an arm's length away is ideal for drivers who work 11 hours a day. With a nice organizer, they can keep their eyes and hands on the wheel and only have to reach over to grab whatever they need.

(Front Seat Organizers)

5. Car Trash Can

Not many people think about this, but when you're on a long delivery, you can't pull over to throw your food or trash away. An easily accessible truck trash can would be very useful.

(Best Car Trash Cans)

For Every Truck Driver

1. A Good Hat

They're not called trucker hats for no reason. A nice hat to keep the sun at bay or just represent their favorite sports team is never a bad gift.

2. Gift Cards to Restaurants/Truck Stops

If you know the route or some places they love to stop, why not get them a gift card and let them have a meal on you? Like we mentioned, finding food as a trucker can be a difficult task, and we know this would be much appreciated by many.

3. Leather Gloves

Part of the job is getting your hands dirty and truckers go through leather gloves like crazy. This is something they will definitely thank you for.

4. Work Wear

Having some good work jeans, long sleeve shirts, and warm clothes for the colder climates is just one other way to keep your trucker safe. There are many different options for work wear, but they can never have too many essentials.

5. Cleaning Kits/Detailing Kits

Many drivers like to have a clean environment around them, especially when their truck is their second home. A detailing kit or even a small handheld vacuum is a great idea to keep a truck driver safe, healthy, and happy.

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